Why a Microwave and Freezer are Essential.

These days there is a lot of judgement and disapproval from freezer to microwave cooking. Part of this is the assumption that what comes out of the freezer and goes into the microwave will be highly processed and unhealthy fast foods, which for some people may be true.

The other objection is that the freezing and microwaving process removes some of the goodness from foods. It may be true. However, if the choice is a reheated home cooked meal or a takeaway pizza it’s clear what’s healthier.

Here are some reasons why you need a freezer to microwave cooking solution.

Bulk Cooking.

Consider the shopping, hauling home of shopping, prep, cooking and cleaning up that goes into making a home-cooked meal. It’s as hard to make one night’s worth as it is to make double that. Why not make a big pan of food and freeze it for a night where time isn’t so permitting? If you don’t do some bulk cooking, you will end up with night’s where you are too tired or rushed to cook. These invariably mean breaking the financial budget or the calorie budget.

Save Money.

When you make a bulk cook, you get your ingredients at a better price than if you were cooking day to day. Not only that you save money on those nights where you would need quicker, pricier options to fill in with. It also means when something comes up you are free to deal with it, knowing you have your family’s dinner all sorted in the freezer.

From Basic to Boom.

When you go all out and create a superb home feast, let’s say some Mexican red and green salsa sauces from scratch; it’s a big ask. Everyone loves it, you clean up and then the next day you are back to square one. Utilise your microwave and freezer and you can pull bulk cooked sauces out to spice up meals you have less time for.

get a proper fridge and freezer

It will also work for winter staples such as chicken stock or soup. Rather than making soup from scratch, get the most out of your Sunday roast chicken and freeze batches of stock or soup. When someone is sick this coming winter and time is pressured, you have your comforting chicken soup all ready to go.

The freezer and microwave are bastions of the modern, functioning homestead. If you get carried away with the idea of cooking everything right from fresh ingredients, the chances are you’ll let junk food creep in more and more.