Tips For Getting Rid Of Fleas

There are flea treatment shampoos on the market, or your can make your own with apple cider vinegar and essential oils.

A Homemade Collar:

These flea collars are easy to make and do a good job. Put together a mixture of lavender essential oils or apple cider vinegar – 3 to 4 drops along with two tablespoons of water. After mixing well, take an eye dropper and put 5 to 10 drops on your dog’s collar or his bandanna.

Flea Spray:

life cycle of a fleaBuy a spray bottle and add one cup of white distilled vinegar, one quart of water and three drops of cedar or lavender essential oil. You can spray your dog down, spray your carpet, their bedding and your furniture and then take a clean cloth, spray with this mixture and wipe their paws.

Vacuum Often:

One of the best ways to rid of fleas in your home is to vacuum once a day to start off with and then pull back as you notice the fleas are dropping in numbers. Vacuuming picks up their eggs, the larvae and the adult fleas. If you have a bag-less vacuum, dump into a garbage bag and when you are done, remove the bag to your outside garbage, do not leave your home. If you have a vacuum with a bag – ditto, get rid of it once you are done. You should keep up this process for approximately two weeks before letting up.

Use Steam

Treatment of your interior using thermic action is certainly the most healthy, efficient and ecological method that exists to protect your relatives and pets in your house. Fleas and larvae do not withstand temperatures above 50 ° C.

Most vapor cleaners deliver a maximum temperature of 100 ° C. This treatment is undoubtedly very effective. High-temperature steam is also the best way to get rid of bacteria (including those resistant to antibiotics), microbes, mites, lice, and other pests.

This method has been shown to be effective in clinical studies to test the effect of very hot vapor in hospitals. It is today the principal tool for high-quality disinfection in hospitals, nursing homes and the food and agriculture sectors. One of the leading product on the steam cleaning market in 2017 is the Polti Vaporetto sv400.

Natural Treatments:

Before starting natural therapies, evaluate who lives in your home and the level of flea infestation you are looking at. There are flea traps that you can purchase or take a bowl of water with dish soap in it and place it on the floor, one for each room of your house.

Flea Sprays:

As mentioned above, put together a mixture of essential oils such as cedar, lavender, eucalyptus or lemongrass. Spray down your beds and couches.
There is a non-toxic, natural product called Diatomaceous Earth. This product will kill fleas within 48 hours. Sprinkle on your floors, your pet bedding, and it is highly suggested you sprinkle around the outside of your door. Fleas will congregate by your door, if you sprinkle around and out from the door, you will keep them away.

In Conclusion:

If you have pets, do not ignore fleas, even if they never effect you. Fleas kill! If your pet goes without treatment, insects will drink their blood, turn your pet anaemic and your pet’s red blood will become clear, by that point your pet will die. Fleas are dangerous, so whether you want to go to your vet for treatment or try something else, protect your babies from these horrible insects.