Types, Benefits, And Size Of Security Doors

home entrance with flyscreens

Home entrance with flyscreens

Everyone desires to tighten up the security of his or her home, office, shop, and family a top priority. It is because of the significant rise of crime rate experienced over the last few decades. Though there are many measures one can employ to enhance home security, installing a security door is one of the most crucial ways. A modern home security door can be quite expensive, but there are affordable security doors available if you are on a limited budget.

Types of Security Doors

There are usually two kinds of these doors. The most popular type is steel, which is typically coated with a powder-type paint to prevent rust from weakening the door. The steel doors come in different styles and colours, usually black and white. The second kind is comparable to the fibreglass finish or the ordinary wooden doors.

Benefits of Installing Security Doors


door screens next to poolOne of the major advantages of security doors is that they provide protection or at the very least a feeling of being secure. It also gives an impression to a robber about the home being fully secured. Some experts claim that a security door discourages a burglar, physically and mentally from invading the house. Most of these safety doors have a camera installed; therefore, one can see who is outside before welcoming them in.

Besides, many of the protection doors instantly shut themselves once they are left; this enhances your security. These doors are difficult to break; hence, if fitted at your office, shop, or home there will not be any need to worry since no one can break in. To add a layer to home security, the protection doors have quality locks such as well-made deadbolt, keyless or biometric locks.

Adds Value and Appeal

When people think of security doors, most of them visualise ugly, clunky, or institutional-looking doors. However, security doors do not need to be utilitarian only.

Today, you can find a broad range of colours, designs, styles, and finishes that enhance your home’s appeal. For a more stunning appearance, one can buy a customised safety door, which aims to suit the home’s style perfectly. Security doors add appeal and value to any home.

Home Security Doors Size

The protection doors have a standard size that equals to the length of the front door hanging. Nevertheless, for French doors and sliding glass doors, one can choose from the various wooden and steel doors. Besides, one can ask a gate professional to measure the door panel and get a home safety door that perfectly fits the main house entrance.

Bottom line

Due to the increased number of crimes, everyone is prioritising the security of homes, offices, and shops. Installing a security door is one way to enhance protection. The safety doors are hard to break, have a camera, and deter a robber mentally and physically from entering the house.

They also add value and appeal to the home. There are two types of these doors, steel and wooden or fibreglass doors. The home protection doors have a standard size that equals the front door panel length. Custom screens are perth’s largest security door manufacturer so make sure you visit their site to know more!