Top Best Security Products Of 2016

fencing-is-great-to-avoid-intruders In this era, one of the worth investments you should make is installing a home security system. Installing a security system at home can be costly, but not having one in place could cost more. With a home security system such as nanny cams, you can protect all your sentimental items and valuables that insurance policies can’t protect. Here is a list of best security products of 2016 you should install at home.

• Frontpoint security

make-sure-your-gates-are-secured-enoughFrontpoint is one of the best home security products for 2016. It provides homeowners with different packages namely the protection plan, the ultimate plan, and interactive plan. Frontpoint is based on cellular and a wireless connection so you need not worry about a power failure. It has a good support system and automatically alerts monitoring centre in case of a security breach. It uses the general electronic monitoring equipment, free relocation, 24 hours monitoring, interactive alarm, and supports Z-wave. However, it is not available in with no cellular reception. And not licensed to work in certain areas.

• Link Interactive

This product uses the platform and has a thirty-day money back assurance. It provides cellular and wireless monitoring service, live chat, videos, phone support, and the equipment can be easily relocated with no additional fee. Also, this system periodically checks to see to it that the monitoring station connection is functioning in the right way. Additionally, it provides daily pinging so as to notify homeowner if the alarm is not responding. However, it has a one-year equipment warranty and no professional installation.

• Scout

Scout is a recent security system that comes with no contract. It is easy to relocate and integrates properly with Nest Cam and Nest. Also, it comes with a good design, and no activation or installation fee is required. It is a cheap system thus affordable. However, their equipment has a one-year warranty, few hardware options, and equipment must be paid for upfront.

• Protect America

protect-your-family-at-all-costProtect America is one of the affordable home security systems that can meet the need of many homeowners. It has the lowest priced plan per and uses the General Electric monitoring equipment with a lifetime warranty. This security system can be relocated and comes in five different options you can choose from. Also, it has an excellent customer service with phone support, live chat, forums and videos. It offers DIY Installations and home automation is available through Z-wave. However, cellular monitoring is not mandatory.

Benefits of home security screens

To make sure that you protect your home fully, it is advisable that you install security screens. Security screens protect your home against break-ins and thefts. Also, they help keep the bugs out and can lower your energy costs significantly. They protect against solar thermal energy and blocks out ultraviolet ray penetration. Last but not the least, with a security screen, you can keep a great view in your style as they don’t obstruct any view.