Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are Great For Kids


Toys contribute a lot to the growth and development of your child. It is, therefore, essential for manufacturers to ensure that they make toys that are friendly and safe for children to use without exposing them to any danger.

Wooden Toys shows a lot of creativity thus inspiring the kids.

Nowadays, plastic toys are mostly used as compared to the one made of wood.

Toys that are made from woods are natural and do not contain any chemical that can harm your child where else the plastic toys are made with materials and chemical that could be harmful to the health of your baby.

New toys can easily break and harm the kids while the old fashioned ones can last for long. Below are several reasons why wooden toys are great for kids.

Benefits of Wooden Toys to Your Children

• They are durable


Ancestors of the LEGO

They are made from natural wood, and so they are usually of high quality. Wood can last for a long time without breaking while plastic toys do not last for long without breaking. They are very robust and can handle more weight and pressure as compared to the new toys.

• Eco-friendly

Traditional toys are made from woods and only require the use of screws and glue to fix them, therefore, they are not harmful. You also do not require a lot of painting since it appears attractive naturally. On the other side plastic and metal, toys are made from products and chemicals that could put your child at risk of experiencing health issues.

• They are safe

Wood is a natural product that is safe for health in all ways. And so, toys made of woods are considered the best for kids since in most times children always like to put things in their mouth. And because they do not contain any chemical that can cause any medical issue to your child. Dirt and grime do not easily stick to the wood as compared to plastic where it becomes even difficult to clean.

• Educational Value


They have high educational value, and they help to develop the kid’s body and mind. For instance, games that are made of wooden images and beads will assist the child to improve the coordination of hands and the eyes and also enhance their reasoning skills.

• Helps to grow your child’s imagination

Toys that are made of wood allows your child to use his imagination. These toys are made with a lot of creativity which enables your child to be very creative. The child has a chance of becoming very resourceful later in life.