6 Hot Home Innovations For 2017


2016 has seen a lot of innovations, but the future is looking brighter especially for home innovations. Innovations have been introduced each year, and 2017 is no exemption as there is a lot in store for in home innovations and more so connectivity. Here are key innovations homeowners will enjoy in the coming year.

1. Era of the 4K TV

With a 4K TV, homeowners will be in a position to see the pores of a newscaster. Its resolution is four times as a high-def TV. Content providers are making their movies and shows available in 4K.
So, if you are planning on buying a TV next year, go the 4K way.

2. Fridge

smart-fridges-are-the-thingIf you happen to be in the market for a new fridge, go for the Samsung Family Hub Fridge which has built-in cameras that take a snapshot when you close the fridge’s door. You can then access the snapshot from your tablet or smartphone when you visit a grocery.

3. Food will cook on itself

Come next year, new versions of tea kettles, coffee machines and slow cookers will tap into your home wifi, giving the chance to control them through an app on your tablet or smartphone. You will be in a position to program these appliances, and they will do the basic chores for you.

4. Era of smart plugs

new-generation-of-smart-plugsWith this innovation, you will be turning your lamps on to brighten the house even when you are not at home or on your way home. The technology can serve as a home security strategy to keep off intruders.

Also, you can switch off your TV when you are upstairs. Smart plugs can be controlled like iDevices from your phone and as such you will not have to walk over to turn a switch in any corner of your home.

5. Smart plugs can keep you safe, as well.

The Brio Safe Outlet will just convey electrical current on the off chance that it detects a fitting. What’s more, Brio’s Keen Outlet will caution you if there’s smoke or Co2 so that you can inhale easily breathe.

6. Apparatuses will soon have the capacity to alter themselves

In the long run, your devices will have the capacity to speak with repair specialists about what parts should be supplanted. As such, 2017 will be a year of great surprises and homeowners should get ready of these innovations early.