Same day laundry delivery
*Same day service does not apply to dry cleaning
Step 1: Schedule
Set up a pickup and never worry about your laundry or dry cleaning again. You can give us access to your building or leave your clothes with your doorman.
Step 2: Hand off
Place your laundry and dry cleaning in separate bags. Use any bag for your first pickup. To prevent your clothes from getting lost, we do not accept hampers or open bags.
Step 3: Enjoy
Schedule a pickup in the morning, and Prim will return your laundry the same day. Evening pickups are returned the next evening. Dry cleaning pickups take 48 hours to return.
Delivery Schedule
Wash and fold
Weekday morning pickups Returned 7-9pm same day
Weekday evening pickups Returned 7-9pm next day
Weekend pickupsReturned Tuesday morning
Dry cleaning
Mon-Thurs morning pickups48 hour return
Fri-Sunday pickupsTuesday evening return
*Dry cleaning takes longer to return because we send your clothes to a green cleaning facility.
Wash and fold
Laundry $25/first bag + $15 additional per delivery*
Large blankets or comforters. +$5-$10 from wash/fold rates depending on size.
Dry cleaning
Shirts, blouses, pants, sweaters, scarves$6/item
Suit jackets, Blazers$8/item
Outerwear$10 to $15/item depending on size
Special materialExtra large items or special materials may result in a small extra charge
*Each bag is about the size of 13 gallon trash bag. Your laundry and dry cleaning will be returned in complimentary Prim bags on your first dropoff. There is a minimal order of $25 for delivery.
How is my laundry washed?
Prim works with local cleaning professionals. Our partners average ten years of experience so you can rest assured your clothes will be washed well.
Sorting We separate your whites and colors
Dry cleaningWe use non-toxic solvents (no Perc).
Wash & DryCold wash, medium dry unless otherwise noted
FoldingSmooth out wrinkles and then folded
Hangers To be more environmentally friendly, shirts and dresses are folded rather than hung.
Special requests If you have any special washing requests, let us know at before your pickup.
Common Questions
Do I need to be around?

No, you can leave your laundry bag outside or with your doorman. You can also give us access to your building .

How much does a bag fit?

One bag is about the size of a 13 gallon trashbag (~two loads in your washer).

Where do you deliver?

San Francisco. East bay is coming soon!

Is there a guarantee?

If you're not happy, we will bend over backwards to resolve your concerns.

Contact Us
Have a question? Contact us at
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