Rainwater: A Valuable Resource


What is rainwater management?

With over 7 billion people calling the Earth home, it is no wonder why we must take special care to manage our natural resources. One of the most valuable resources of all is water.
Rainwater management is simply a way to collect, preserve and distribute rainwater to make the most use of it, instead of relying solely on tradition methods such as our oceans and reservoirs.

Why use a rainwater management system?

The world could not survive without water. We use it for many reasons, such as to bathing, cooking, drinking and watering our lawns and gardens to name a few. Typically, we use traditional methods for getting the water we need, such as wells, reservoirs and oceans. But while the population continues to grow, our water supply doesn’t. Underground water sources can dry up over time. It is especially concerning with global warming on the rise. It is imperative that we find sustainable water sources now before it’s too late.

Who uses rainwater management?

a-water-tank-for-a-residenceEveryone from individual citizens to large corporations can have a rainwater management system built or installed. It may be something as simple as a barrel to catch the rain or something more elaborate that purifies the water for consumption.

It would help alleviate water shortages and means lower utility bills for the owner. The water collected could be used to fill pools, water vegetation or be purified and used in our homes for cooking and drinking.

How is rainwater stored?

Rainwater can be stored in containers made of almost any material. The barrels can be made from materials that range from inexpensive wood, Polyethylene or fibreglass to galvanised steel, concrete or even decorative, although more costly, stone and mason.

Mesh covers prevent bugs, leaves and other contaminants from getting in the water. For water to be used for consumption, there is food grade plastic liners that prevent algae growth. With all these options available there is truly a system that will fit every budget.