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Gas Hot Water Systems Explained

enjoy a warm shower in WA


We need hot water at various times of the day for different reasons which make water heating systems a necessity to complete such tasks.

Water heating can be done through two basic types of heating systems available for domestic use:

Water Storage Heaters: As the name suggests these kinds of heaters store the heated water in an insulated reservoir and release it for use when it’s needed.

Instantaneous systems: They are also known as continuous flow systems, and they only heat when hot water is necessary and doesn’t use a storage tank.

• How Instantaneous Heating Devices Work:

In comparison to a water storage heating system, an instant heating device has no storage facility and directly heats water needed immediately before it departs through an outlet out of the heater.

This kind of heating system is also known as a water on-demand heater. Such heaters use an electrical heating component, natural gas or LPG to make water hot when needed.

A thermostat ensures that the water leaves at the ideal temperature all the time.The devices have long thin tubes through which water passes. These tubes are heated, so as to make the water that comes out of them hot. Because the amount of water is heated quickly and in small quantities, much energy is saved.

These heating systems are considerably energy-efficient as well as Eco-friendly as they run on clean fuel.

Instantaneous gas water heating systems which can be utilised to provide hot water in just one room are known as ‘Point of use heaters’ whereas those employed in many places are known as ‘Entire house water heaters’.

• Gains Of Installing A Gas Water Heating System:

Instantaneous gas water heating systems have advantages that include:
a water heater1. Gas water heating systems are ECO-FRIENDLY and clean heating sources:

Since gas is a clean fuel, it burns without leaving much or any residue. This results in less pollution and clean and healthy air which is good for people and the environment making the water heating system a good choice when installing a heating system for water.

2. Gas water heating systems have exceptional Energy Efficiency:

Another benefit of a gas water heating system is that it is more efficient than electricity, therefore installing it is a much better and feasible option than power since gas burns with very little or no energy wastage.

There are very highly improvised gas water heaters that are as much as ninety-five percent efficient.

3. A Cost-Effective Alternative:

Along with energy efficiency, the systems are very cost effective as well. With electricity prices getting premium, it is no wonder that these kind of systems are becoming more popular. Furthermore, the systems being tankless play a useful role in enhancing fuel efficiency since a user only warms up the water amount that they need at that moment.

4. These systems quickly heat water:

how does the device worksIn multi-person or joint family household, the consumption of water that is hot is fast as the requirements each person become more.

Running out of the reservoir’s hot water and then waiting for a long time to get it heated again is discouraging, as is the case with an electric water heating system. The heating systems that use gas are very fast and offer quick service as they will quickly heat any amount of water that passes through them provided there is enough gas.

5. These kinds of heaters need little Maintenance:

In comparison to the ones that have storage tanks and heating components as separate systems, the gas water heating devices require little to no maintenance which makes them, even more, cost effective.

Systems using LPG can have explosions with these cases being rare though possible since the Liquid Petroleum Gas is highly flammable.

In conclusion, instantaneous the systems that use gas for heating water can be an efficient method in your quest for acquiring reliable heating methods for water that can save individual lots of cash and also save on your time.

Tips For Getting Rid Of Fleas

There are flea treatment shampoos on the market, or your can make your own with apple cider vinegar and essential oils.

A Homemade Collar:

These flea collars are easy to make and do a good job. Put together a mixture of lavender essential oils or apple cider vinegar – 3 to 4 drops along with two tablespoons of water. After mixing well, take an eye dropper and put 5 to 10 drops on your dog’s collar or his bandanna.

Flea Spray:

life cycle of a fleaBuy a spray bottle and add one cup of white distilled vinegar, one quart of water and three drops of cedar or lavender essential oil. You can spray your dog down, spray your carpet, their bedding and your furniture and then take a clean cloth, spray with this mixture and wipe their paws.

Vacuum Often:

One of the best ways to rid of fleas in your home is to vacuum once a day to start off with and then pull back as you notice the fleas are dropping in numbers. Vacuuming picks up their eggs, the larvae and the adult fleas. If you have a bag-less vacuum, dump into a garbage bag and when you are done, remove the bag to your outside garbage, do not leave your home. If you have a vacuum with a bag – ditto, get rid of it once you are done. You should keep up this process for approximately two weeks before letting up.

Natural Treatments:

Before starting natural therapies, evaluate who lives in your home and the level of flea infestation you are looking at. There are flea traps that you can purchase or take a bowl of water with dish soap in it and place it on the floor, one for each room of your house.

Flea Sprays:

As mentioned above, put together a mixture of essential oils such as cedar, lavender, eucalyptus or lemongrass. Spray down your beds and couches.
There is a non-toxic, natural product called Diatomaceous Earth. This product will kill fleas within 48 hours. Sprinkle on your floors, your pet bedding, and it is highly suggested you sprinkle around the outside of your door. Fleas will congregate by your door, if you sprinkle around and out from the door, you will keep them away.

In Conclusion:

If you have pets, do not ignore fleas, even if they never effect you. Fleas kill! If your pet goes without treatment, insects will drink their blood, turn your pet anaemic and your pet’s red blood will become clear, by that point your pet will die. Fleas are dangerous, so whether you want to go to your vet for treatment or try something else, protect your babies from these horrible insects.

Real estate home valuations and factors that are considered to determine the true value


Establishing the true value of your home is important when seeking a number of endeavors. For instance, when listing down your home for sale or figuring out how much to insure it for, you will need to know its exact price to avoid potential losses in the future. Home evaluations may also be considered where house financing and real estate taxes are involved. For this reason, you will always hear people talking about home valuations and how important it is to conduct one if you have a home or a number of real estate properties.

However, like in any other industry where various terminologies are used, the world of real estate valuation also has a few basic terms that one needs to understand. For example, one may need to understand the meaning of value and its correlation with cost and price.

Determining how much your home is worth


When you know what your home is currently worth, you could easily determine its future benefits arising from your ownership of that particular home. Your home is not like consumer goods which erode in value after being consumed quickly. Instead, it’s a property whose value appreciates with time, even if it is being consumed at the present moment. For this reason, an appraisal expert will take into consideration factors such as economic elements, social trends, environmental conditions and government regulations. These factors directly influence the value of your home through the following scenarios:

(a) Scarcity

When homes are rare in a particular environment, then the element of scarcity kicks in, and this may raise the value of your home significantly.

(b) Utility

Your home’s value increases when it proves to have the ability of satisfying consumer needs and demands.

(c) Demand

Real estate is generally on high demand in most parts of the world. If you later decide to sell your home, be sure to sell it at a higher price than the one you acquired it at — but only if the home is able to tick the checklist of most potential buyers. So demand generally refers to the need to acquire homes and the financial means to make this a reality.

The value of your home vs its cost and price


Value should never be confused with cost or price. Material and labor is considered expenditure or cost. But on the other hand, the price is the amount that someone is willing to pay in order to acquire your home. Whereas cost and price do affect the ultimate value, they don’t necessary determine the value of your home at all times. For example, if you were selling your home for $134,000 for instance, its true value could be higher or lower than the stated price. And if the potential buyer discovered something that is considered a major flaw in your home, then this could bring down the price.


Home valuation generally takes all these elements into consideration in order to come up with the best accurate value possible. This matter is of a concern to most homeowners, especially if they are looking into the prospects of selling their property in the near future. But it can be equally as important to you as it is to someone who is into real estate matters.

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Top Best Security Products Of 2016


In this era, one of the worth investments you should make is installing a home security system. Installing a security system at home can be costly, but not having one in place could cost more.

With a home security system, you can protect all your sentimental items and valuables that insurance policies can’t protect. Here is a list of best security products of 2016 you should install at home.

• Frontpoint security

make-sure-your-gates-are-secured-enoughFrontpoint is one of the best home security products for 2016. It provides homeowners with different packages namely the protection plan, the ultimate plan, and interactive plan.

Frontpoint is based on cellular and a wireless connection so you need not worry about a power failure. It has a good support system and automatically alerts monitoring centre in case of a security breach.

It uses the general electronic monitoring equipment, free relocation, 24 hours monitoring, interactive alarm, and supports Z-wave. However, it is not available in with no cellular reception. And not licensed to work in certain areas.

• Link Interactive

This product uses the Alarm.com platform and has a thirty-day money back assurance.

It provides cellular and wireless monitoring service, live chat, videos, phone support, and the equipment can be easily relocated with no additional fee. Also, this system periodically checks to see to it that the monitoring station connection is functioning in the right way.

Additionally, it provides daily pinging so as to notify homeowner if the alarm is not responding. However, it has a one-year equipment warranty and no professional installation.

• Scout

Scout is a recent security system that comes with no contract. It is easy to relocate and integrates properly with Nest Cam and Nest. Also, it comes with a good design, and no activation or installation fee is required.

It is a cheap system thus affordable. However, their equipment has a one-year warranty, few hardware options, and equipment must be paid for upfront.

• Protect America

protect-your-family-at-all-costProtect America is one of the affordable home security systems that can meet the need of many homeowners. It has the lowest priced plan per and uses the General Electric monitoring equipment with a lifetime warranty.

This security system can be relocated and comes in five different options you can choose from. Also, it has an excellent customer service with phone support, live chat, forums and videos. It offers DIY Installations and home automation is available through Z-wave. However, cellular monitoring is not mandatory.

Benefits of home security screens

To make sure that you protect your home fully, it is advisable that you install security screens. Security screens protect your home against break-ins and thefts. Also, they help keep the bugs out and can lower your energy costs significantly. They protect against solar thermal energy and blocks out ultraviolet ray penetration. Last but not the least, with a security screen, you can keep a great view in your style as they don’t obstruct any view.


Types, Benefits, And Size Of Security Doors

home entrance with flyscreens

Home entrance with flyscreens

Everyone desires to tighten up the security of his or her home, office, shop, and family a top priority. It is because of the significant rise of crime rate experienced over the last few decades. Though there are many measures one can employ to enhance home security, installing a security door is one of the most crucial ways. A modern home security door can be quite expensive, but there are affordable security doors available if you are on a limited budget.

Types of Security Doors

There are usually two kinds of these doors. The most popular type is steel, which is typically coated with a powder-type paint to prevent rust from weakening the door. The steel doors come in different styles and colours, usually black and white. The second kind is comparable to the fibreglass finish or the ordinary wooden doors.

Benefits of Installing Security Doors


door screens next to poolOne of the major advantages of security doors is that they provide protection or at the very least a feeling of being secure. It also gives an impression to a robber about the home being fully secured. Some experts claim that a security door discourages a burglar, physically and mentally from invading the house. Most of these safety doors have a camera installed; therefore, one can see who is outside before welcoming them in.

Besides, many of the protection doors instantly shut themselves once they are left; this enhances your security. These doors are difficult to break; hence, if fitted at your office, shop, or home there will not be any need to worry since no one can break in. To add a layer to home security, the protection doors have quality locks such as well-made deadbolt, keyless or biometric locks.

Adds Value and Appeal

When people think of security doors, most of them visualise ugly, clunky, or institutional-looking doors. However, security doors do not need to be utilitarian only.

Today, you can find a broad range of colours, designs, styles, and finishes that enhance your home’s appeal. For a more stunning appearance, one can buy a customised safety door, which aims to suit the home’s style perfectly. Security doors add appeal and value to any home.

Home Security Doors Size

The protection doors have a standard size that equals to the length of the front door hanging. Nevertheless, for French doors and sliding glass doors, one can choose from the various wooden and steel doors. Besides, one can ask a gate professional to measure the door panel and get a home safety door that perfectly fits the main house entrance.

Bottom line

Due to the increased number of crimes, everyone is prioritising the security of homes, offices, and shops. Installing a security door is one way to enhance protection. The safety doors are hard to break, have a camera, and deter a robber mentally and physically from entering the house.

They also add value and appeal to the home. There are two types of these doors, steel and wooden or fibreglass doors. The home protection doors have a standard size that equals the front door panel length. Custom screens are perth’s largest security door manufacturer so make sure you visit their site to know more!

Why a Microwave and Freezer are Essential.

These days there is a lot of judgement and disapproval from freezer to microwave cooking. Part of this is the assumption that what comes out of the freezer and goes into the microwave will be highly processed and unhealthy fast foods, which for some people may be true.

The other objection is that the freezing and microwaving process removes some of the goodness from foods. It may be true. However, if the choice is a reheated home cooked meal or a takeaway pizza it’s clear what’s healthier.

Here are some reasons why you need a freezer to microwave cooking solution.

Bulk Cooking.

Consider the shopping, hauling home of shopping, prep, cooking and cleaning up that goes into making a home-cooked meal. It’s as hard to make one night’s worth as it is to make double that. Why not make a big pan of food and freeze it for a night where time isn’t so permitting? If you don’t do some bulk cooking, you will end up with night’s where you are too tired or rushed to cook. These invariably mean breaking the financial budget or the calorie budget.

Save Money.

When you make a bulk cook, you get your ingredients at a better price than if you were cooking day to day. Not only that you save money on those nights where you would need quicker, pricier options to fill in with. It also means when something comes up you are free to deal with it, knowing you have your family’s dinner all sorted in the freezer.

From Basic to Boom.

When you go all out and create a superb home feast, let’s say some Mexican red and green salsa sauces from scratch; it’s a big ask. Everyone loves it, you clean up and then the next day you are back to square one. Utilise your microwave and freezer and you can pull bulk cooked sauces out to spice up meals you have less time for.

get a proper fridge and freezer

It will also work for winter staples such as chicken stock or soup. Rather than making soup from scratch, get the most out of your Sunday roast chicken and freeze batches of stock or soup. When someone is sick this coming winter and time is pressured, you have your comforting chicken soup all ready to go.

The freezer and microwave are bastions of the modern, functioning homestead. If you get carried away with the idea of cooking everything right from fresh ingredients, the chances are you’ll let junk food creep in more and more.

Just Bought My First Condo

My wife and I just moved into our first place and are officially are holders of a mortgage!

buying a condo in atlanta

Lesson 1: Don’t call yourself a homeowner until you have fully paid off your mortgage. Seriously, this may seem like a joke but it is not. Many people lose sight of the fact that they are living in a place that is owned by a bank. You have to fully pay that bank both the principal and the interest on your house before you can really say it is yours. But here is the great thing…

Lesson 2: You are building equity every time you pay your house payment. Every single time you pay down parts of the principal, that is money you will have returned to you when you sell the unit once again. This is the real trap of living in a rental for the early years of your life. You feel like “oh jeez, I could never afford a place like this if I bought it”. The fact of the matter is, you just need a down payment. And that takes one thing and one thing only…

Lesson 3: In order to afford a house in 4 years, you need to start saving now. My wife and I created a rule on an app called Qapital. Qapital allows you to automatically push money toward virtual savings accounts. Once we had 18,000 dollars set aside we went house hunting. Some banks will allow you to pay as little as 15% down on a house. We were able to find a great, but small condo in our price range and it suits us well.

Lesson 4: When you buy a house, it is empty. Wait what? You have to be kidding me. My wife and I ended up spending almost 7000 dollars on furnishing and finishing our house. That is important to know and budget for.

Lesson 5: There is no place like home. Knowing that we are going to be in this place for at least the next 3 – 5 years brings me so much joy. Buying is extremely worth it.

Best of luck on buying your first place!